How We Operate

We produce under both customer and own programs to allow for provision of products to customers without programs; or those of our customers who experience an unexpected surge in sales. Most products are sold fresh while the rest is processed into various formats. We support our supplying partners with Technical support to ensure full compliance with market requirements. We offer our customers flexible incoterms to best suit their operations, but our experience means we offer full technical assistance.

Why Savanna Agro Ltd?

Savanna Agro Ltd might be a new kid on the block but is managed by a well experienced team with a combined experience of over 70 years in the fresh produce and agro-processing industry. We aim to ensure our customers have access to the highest quality and best value ingredients wherever and whenever they need them.

We specialise in fresh and IQF fruit and veg with plans to start final pack at source (rather than repacking in the UK) however, we still will be supplying UK based pack house customers. We have established irrigation and farming technologies that cushion us from the impact of climate change that’s been sweeping across Africa and other regions lately. We have also established trading routes all over the world – and our industry knowledge and forecasting mean we take away the customer risks and guarantee continuous delivery through our secure supply chains.

Our Suppliers

We have established strong relationships with a diverse range of suppliers throughout the world who have high levels of compliance and share our commitment to quality. Our own production has systems anchored in GAP principles.

Our Services

  • 1. Production and sourcing of fresh fruit and veg produce for our customers
  • 2. Compliance – Assisting supplying farmers and Pack houses with Global GAP and other relevant Certifications schemes
  • 3. Technical Expertise – Post-harvest; packing and storage technology transfer
  • 4. Logistics – Selection of cost effective and time-compliant shipping solutions to match the time-sensitive products that we supply
  • 5. Marketing – Maintaining high service levels for our customers
  • 6. Systems Design services – Support with designing GFSI bench-marked certification schemes such as BRC; and other systems like HACCP; Sustainability; Ethical Trade Initiative; SMETA

Savanna Agro Services

    Savanna Agro is an agro based business incorporated in the United Kingdom involved in the growing and import of farm produce to the UK and European markets. We are a privately owned business producing most of what we supply from >100 000 tracks of prime land stretching across the southern and west African region. We also have strong connections with other regions in different hemispheres like the Mediterranean Latin American regions which helps us to be ready at short notice to ensure crop positions in one hemisphere are rapidly supplemented from the other as we realise our customers cannot afford go without the quality products they are used to. Savanna Agro provides end to end supply chain solutions to the agricultural and horticultural industry.


    Savanna Agro Ltd
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